Some of the questions we get asked most frequently include:
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What do I need before first time boarding at Beverly’s?

The first thing we will need to see are vaccination records that show your pet is current on its annual boosters, rabies and kennel cough.

Also, when you book a reservation with us, we want to have a way to contact you while you travel, so we ask you to provide a cell phone or other number where you can be reached in an emergency.

Services you provide?

We are a full service boarding facility specializing in overnight and daytime care for puppies and dogs, as well as canine training and training reinforcement. Our buildings were designed and built specifically for board overnight boarding and daytime supervised group activities. We also have a full dedicated bathing room, and runs designed and plumbed specifically for what we do.

In addition to the availability of our Bark Park and Daycare Romp Room for our guests, the biggest difference of boarding at Beverly’s is that we take the dogs outside three times a day (4 times daily for Puppy Training Package), standard service for exercise and bathroom breaks. Most other facilities do not. They will have a base price that includes two outside trips a day, then add an extra charge for every additional time they take the dog out.

Our objective for three trips a day is twofold:

  1. Boarding, by its very nature is stressful. Anything we can do to reduce stress is good. We find that structured routine reduces stress the most. By taking the dogs out to the exercise yard in a structured routine fashion, three times every day, we are able to reduce the stress of the dog.
  2. The other thing it does is allows us to keep the dogs clean. They have ample opportunity to poop and pee where they are used to pooping and peeing, which keeps the dogs clean and helps maintain your potty training habits.

This is part of the standard boarding package at no extra charge. You pay a flat fee per day, which includes everything in the boarding package you chooose. We do offer optional services, such as extra treats at meal time, dispensing medication, and bark park play sessions in groups or as 1-to-1 personalized canine care.

Business hours?


Normal boarding facility operating hours:

Monday – Friday
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (for drop-offs and/or pick-ups)

7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (for drop-offs and/or pick-ups)

12:00 PM to 5:00 PM (for drop-offs and/or pick-ups)


Daycare facility operating hours:

Monday – Friday – 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturday – 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday – Closed for Deep Cleaning


Bark Park membership operating hours:

Monday – Friday
Daylight to 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM to dark

Saturday and Sunday
Daylight to dark

Note: Day passes and memberships to Bark Park can be purchased during Beverly ’s boarding kennel operating hours only.

What to bring? Food?

The indoor facility is fully heated, air conditioned and well ventilated. We keep music playing for the dogs 24 hours a day. We provide bedding, food pans and water pans.

We encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite food in a small container (no 40 lb. bags, please.)

In our experience, we find that dogs tend to board better with their own food, for three reasons:

  1. In a boarding environment it is not unusual for your dog to eat less than normal.
  2. When you bring familiar food, they tend to eat a bit better.
  3. You run the risk of diarrhea whenever a food change is made, which can cause an upset digestive track.

If food is not provided, we feed them a kennel-grade product called Casco, a middle-grade product that is not too far from either end of the dietary spectrum.

Who cares for my pet?

Our long-term staff of highly-experienced kennel professionals are dedicated to ensuring our pet receives loving care when you can’t be there. We have a staff of 5 full-time employees year-round, with an additional 2-3 more during the summer.

Most facility owners will hire a manager that hires kids to come in to take care of the dogs. Its part-time or seasonal work so they have a high turnover rate, much like a fast food approach. Our approach has been different. We have overpaid our people on the front end to keep the good ones. We offer and pay for health insurance for all full time employees. Employees have been with us for over 20 years.

The benefit of this is that we have a highly trained and skilled staff. The dogs get to know us and feel more comfortable. The routine is the same every day of the year, with the same people doing the same things every day.

Where do the dogs poop & pee?

We have 22 pea gravel based outdoor exercise yards.

The benefits of pea gravel include:

  • Easier on the pads of the dogs’ feet than concrete
  • Yard doesn’t become a muddy marsh that you would have in a grass environment
  • Easy to keep clean (we scoop 3 times a day).

Yards are approx. 20’ x 20’ in size, although there a couple of smaller and bigger units available

Does my dog interact with other dogs?

We have boarding packages to match your preference about your dog’s socialization during the day. You can choose to never mix your pet with other dogs or you can choose a package that includes group play with other dogs, in our Bark Park and/or Daycare Romp Room. Our Ala Carte Options ensure we can create the exact experience you want your precious pet to have while away from home.

More Questions

Discount for more than one dog?

Yes. We have multiple dog discounts for boarding, if your 2nd (and 3rd) dog are in the same run. See our multiple pet prices here.

Or we can keep them separate (at standard rate for each) and take them to the exercise yard together.

How many dogs kept together?

We don’t like to keep more than 2 or 3 dogs in one run.

  • While we do have larger enclosures to accommodate more animals, there is a concern that it would be difficult to identify any health issues, such as diarrhea, if they were to occur.
  • For that reason, we discourage more than 3 dogs staying together.

What are Beverly’s Bark Park and Bevo’s Romp Room?

As part of our ongoing efforts to create a unique and state-of-the-art experience for your dog, we developed and opened “Beverly’s Bark Park,” a private, fully enclosed dog park where people can bring their dogs to walk, play and meet other dogs. People can meet other people.

Usage of the Bark Park is by membership or through one of our overnight boarding and daycare packages, at specified times when the park is closed to members.

Bevo’s Romp Room is a 3000 sq. ft. facility designed specifically as a large safe place where groups of dogs can enjoy interacting with each other. We use the Romp Room from Monday through Saturday for dogs who are staying with us overnight or just during the day. On Sunday, we deep clean the room to ensure a healthy environment for your pets.

Protections in place?

We are a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association.

We are fully insured and have an emergency alarm system.

Our ventilation system exchanges air numerous times a day.

What if my dog gets diarrhea?

  • We will monitor the situation closely.
  • We clean the dog and the area.
  • We use Imodium AD to try to stop the dog up.
  • If we feel it is a serious problem, something other than stress-related, we would call the emergency contact number.
  • If unable to get in contact, we would do what we would do for our own pet, which is take him to the vet.
    • If your vet is close, we will take him there.
    • If not, we go to our local vet, Parkside Animal Hospital on 126th and State Road 37.
    • After-hours, we would utilize the Parkside Animal Hospital on 126th St. & State Road 37

Do you provide grooming?

No, we don’t do haircuts, but we do lots of bathing. Prices vary by the size and breed of your dog.

We have a Hydrosurge™ therapeutic bathing system that pulsates soapy water onto the dogs that actually does the cleaning. The Hydrosurge nozzle does the cleaning and provides some massage therapy, as well.

We do not trim nails. We do not want the dogs associating that kind of activity with where you are bringing them for boarding or daycare.

What helps make pet feel secure?

Everything we do here, we do for a practical reason, there’s not a lot of fluff. Its not to sell you, its to care for the dog. Some examples of the type of care we try to develop include:

  1. We want to get your dog into a structured routine. So when your dog is in the boarding facility run, we won’t put him on a leash, Instead, we will cordon off the aisles so the dog has to follow us into the exercise yard and back inside. We know that he’s got two choices, he can follow us or go back into his run.
    • Once he decides to follow us, he is showing that he trusts us. Once we have him trusting us, we can manage him in and out.
    • Once he gets used to that, a day or two (usually about 6-8 times), he knows what’s expected of him and becomes much more comfortable.
    • The primary reason we let them out four times a day is that not only do we want him to poop and pee outside, we want to get him into a structured routine.
  2. Background music is played so the animals won’t jump and flinch at every single thing they hear. It provides a backdrop for the dogs so they can rest more comfortably and be less stressed out.
  3. We tend to feed a little bit less, because the dogs usually eat a little less when boarded. We want to feed the dogs at the same time every day, primarily in the morning, so all dogs are pooping at about the same time.
  4. About 85% of the dogs that board with us do not have any accidents inside. If they don’t have an accident on the first night, it generally will not occur.
  5. We tend to the dogs from 6-9AM. Any accidents are cleaned up first thing in the morning. There are usually no more accidents during the day, because the dogs are outside frequently.

Still More Questions

Negative activities eliminated?

Other than the fact that most dogs aren’t used to being around other dogs in a boarding environment. Even though they are not in direct contact, they hear the barking of the other dogs.

We do not trim dogs’ nails. We don’t want the dogs associating that kind of activity with where you are bringing them for boarding. We are trying to improve the likelihood of the dog wanting to come back in our door. By trimming nails, We run the risk of scaring your dog so he wouldn’t want to come back, which neither the owners or we want.

Maximum length of stay you allow?

No limit. We have dogs that have stayed with us for up to 3 years. The average stay is 3 or 4 nights, or up to a week or so during the summer or holidays.

Any plans for future expansion?

We have taken the acreage available here and turned it into a “pet campus,’ which allows us to grow and expand available services rather than expand the business by opening additional facilities in other areas of Central Indiana. This allows us to place 100% of our focus and attention on this facility and your precious pet.

In addition to our current buildings—for boarding, daycare, and training—and our Bark Park, our property has been zoned to add two buildings on the front, along Promise Road. We plan to bring in tenants that are pet service provider oriented; for example, a vet, a pet bakery, some limited specialty retail, and a grooming facility or grooming school. Our campus will be a great one-stop shopping destination, which many businesses are trying to do these days.

By not having a personal interest in the other facilities, we are able to continue to channel our energy and resources to provide the best possible boarding service to you and your pet at the best value.

Other services provided?

How do you keep your rates affordable?

We have been here since 1995. At that time, there was nothing here; land, building costs and our original capital investment was nowhere near what our largest competitor had to spend to build their facility a few years ago. We pass those saving onto our customers. Though we do offer packages and amenities that can increase your cost, we’re confident your precious pet will enjoy and benefit in return from the extra services and value we add to the experience.

What if my pet is difficult to control?

We have an indoor / outdoor facility that we use for dogs that are more difficult to handle. We have 35 runs that we keep open from 6 AM until 6 PM so the dogs can go in and out as they please during the whole day.

  • Because they are in and out all day, we take them to an exercise yard individually one time a day.
  • Boarding cost is the same for either facility.