Bevo's Ala Carte OptionsFeaturing the Hydrosurge® Bathing System


The revolutionary Hydrosurge® Bathing System for pets makes bathing faster and easier than ever before, while providing dogs with an invigorating massage that keeps them calm and relaxed throughout the bath. Bath base pricing below.

  • Exclusive InjectAir™ technology thoroughly penetrates the dog’s coat and brings oxygen to the skin, leaving your pet cleaner and healthier than ever.
  • Combing action spray penetrates the coat, reducing fatigue and skin irritation.

We use Hydrosurge® shampoos and conditioners optimized for the bathing system.

  • Made from only the finest, naturally derived ingredients, Hydrosurge® shampoos offer a wide range of luxurious scents.
  • Each shampoo is formulated for specific skin and coat conditions.

No matter what the breed of your dog, there’s a Hydrosurge® shampoo or conditioner that will specifically meet your pet’s needs.

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Bath Base Pricing


Airedale $30
Akita $40
Beagle $22
Bearded Collie $40
Bichon Frise $25
Boston Terrier $22
Bouvier $35
Boxer $25
Brittany Spaniel $25
Bulldog $25
Cairn Terrier $25
Chihuahua $20
Chow $45
Cocker Spaniel $25
Collie $35
Dachshund $20
Doberman Pinscher $30
Fox Terrier $20
German Shepherd $35
Golden Retriever $30
Great Dane $40
Keeshond $35
Labrador Retriever $30
Lhasa Apso $25
Maltese $25
Miniature Schnauzer $25
Newfoundland $45
Pointer $30
Pomeranian $25
Poodle (Standard) $30
Poodle $22
Pug $20
Rottweiler $30
Schnauzer (Giant) $40
Schnauzer $22
Scottie $25
Sheepdog $40
Sheltie $30
Shih Tzu $25
Siberian Huskie $40
Springer Spaniel $30
Westie $25
Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) $25

Bath services for other breeds available. Ask for pricing.

Removal of Mats or Undercoat beyond normal $15/hour