Original Logo of Beverly's Precious Pet Inn
1st Logo of Beverly’s Precious Pet Inn

Kevin DeTrude founded Beverly’s Precious Pets in 1995 to combine his love of dogs and his desire to start a business in his own community, and so he could spend less time traveling and more time with his family, which includes his three dogs.

In the years since Beverly’s began as just an overnight boarding facility, we expanded in 2007 to include our signature four-acre bark park and grew again in 2014 with the addition of our dedicated dog daycare romp room.

Our Mascot Bevo

When Beverly’s Bark Park opened, our name was changed to Beverly’s Pet Campus to coincide with our expanded landscape and presence in the community. When Bevo’s Romp Room was added to our facility, we again updated our name to Beverly’s Pet Resort, as well as our logo (and mascot Bevo), to reflect our enhanced services and our ever-present commitment to 1-on-1 Personalized Pet Care.

Our Differences

Below are the differential advantages that make Beverly’s the right choice for boarding your dog:

Structured Routines

Structured routines help your dog to quickly establish familiarity with the environment and trust in our handlers.

  • Dogs go outside 4 times every day for exercise and bathroom breaks, as part of our standard service, which reduces your pet’s stress, keeps the dog clean, and helps maintain existing potty training habits
  • When your dog is going from the run from the pen to the outdoor exercise yards, we do not use a leash, Instead, we cordon off the aisles so the dog has to follow us into the exercise yard and back inside. When your dog decides to follow us, it shows trust and a sense of comfort and belonging.
  • We feed the dogs at the same time in the morning every day. About 85% of the dogs that board with us do not have any bathroom accidents inside.
  • Most incidents usually happen during the first night. If a dog does poop inside, we clean up first thing in the morning, and usually no more accidents occur during the stay because the dogs are outside frequently.

Personalized Attention

Our staff of well-trained professionals provide personalized attention throughout the day to ensure your dog’s safety and health.

  • We never mix dogs. Once your dog is here, he or she will never come in contact with another dog (unless boarded as a family group – see below.)
  • We have multiple-dog discounts for boarding more than one pet. You receive a discount if you keep a second dog in the same run. Or, if you prefer, we can board them separately (at standard rate for each) but take them to the exercise yard together.
  • We encourage owners to provide their dog’s regular food. Dogs tend to eat a little less in a boarding environment, so your dog will eat a little better when served familiar food. This also reduces diarrhea caused by unfamiliar food in the digestive tract.
  • If your dog does contract diarrhea while boarding, we will monitor the situation closely.
    • We clean the dog and the area. We use Imodium AD to try to stop the symptoms.
    • We will call the emergency contact number If it is a serious problem, i.e., something other than stress-related.
    • If unable to get in contact, we will do what we would do for our own pet, which is take him to the vet.
    • If your vet is close, we will go there.
    • If not, we go to our local vet at Parkside Animal Hospital on 126th St. and State Road 37.
    • After-hours, we would utilize the Bash Road Emergency Clinic in Castleton.

Enhanced Environment: Ventilation, Sanitation, and Materials

We go beyond just providing a “climate-controlled” boarding facility. Every infrastructure element of our six-acre pet resort was designed and engineered to provide maximum health, safety, and comfort for your dog. In addition, we:

  • Use pea gravel in our 22 outdoor exercise yards. Smooth-edged pea gravel is easier on the pads of a dog’s paws than concrete; it doesn’t become a muddy marsh like in a wet grass environment; it is easy to keep clean.
  • Scoop each exercise yard 3 times a day to ensure a clean environment for every dog. It’s a lot of work, but your pet is worth it!

Yards are approximately 20’ x 20’ in size, which allows ample room for your dog to exercise and play.

  • Indoor facility was designed and built specifically as a boarding facility. It has 100 suites and is fully heated, air conditioned and well-ventilated. Our ventilation system allows us to exchange the indoor air several times a day to keep the boarding area fresh.
  • We have a full dedicated bathing room. Runs are designed and plumbed specifically for what we do.

Continuous Background Music

Background music is played 24 hours a day so the dogs won’t jump and flinch at every single noise they hear.

Also, because dogs are not usually accustomed to being around so many other dogs all day long, the music provides a backdrop so they can rest more comfortably and feel less stress.

Long-Term Staff of Highly-Experienced Canine-Care Professionals

Our long-term staff of highly-experienced canine-care professionals are dedicated to ensuring your pet receives loving care when you can’t be there.

  • We have a staff of 5 full-time employees year-round. Most have been with us for 8 to 12 years.
  • We have an additional 2-3 more employees during the summer to ensure we maintain sufficient individual attention for each pet during the busy season.
  • Unlike many facility owners who hire a manager, who then hires part-time employees and teenagers to take care of the dogs, Beverly’s Precious Pet Resort is run by owner Kevin DeTrude and a stable staff of experienced canine-care professionals who are well-paid and provided with company-paid health insurance and benefits.

Optional Services

We also offer several optional services:

  • Hydrosurge baths – our Hydrosurge therapeutic bathing system pulsates soapy water onto the dog. The Hydrosurge nozzle does the cleaning and provides enjoyable massage therapy at the same time, as well. Dog bath prices vary, depending on the breed/size of the dog.
  • Styled hairdos
  • A half hour walk in our exclusive bark park during the week for our overnight boarding clients (sorry, not on weekends).
  • We will dispense medicines, up to twice a day.


Our extensive experience and specialized facilities let us handle certain pets with special needs:

  • Hard-to-Handle Dogs:
    • We have a separate indoor / outdoor facility we use for dogs that are more difficult to handle.
    • This facility has 35 runs with direct access to the outside from 6 AM until 6 PM
    • Dogs can go in and out as they please during the whole day.
    • Because they are in and out all day, we take them to an exercise yard individually one time a day.
    • Boarding cost is the same for either facility.
  • Long-Term Boarding – We have had dogs stay with us for as long as 3 years.

And More!

  • Peaceful Country Setting on four acres
  • 100 Indoor Suites Available
  • 38 Indoor Suites with Attached Patio Play Runs Available
  • Sunday Pick Ups
  • Free Playtime and Exercise
  • Climate Controlled Boarding Facility
  • Veterinarian on Call
  • Tours Welcome
  • Multiple-Pet Discounts
  • Monthly Rates
  • American Boarding Kennel Association Member since 1995
  • Pet Baths Available