Weekend Getaways: Fun for You and Your Dog

Fishers, Indiana: August 21, 2009 – Fall is the perfect time to take a weekend getaway. Whether it’s a drive in the country to watch the Autumn leaves change color, a football game at your alma mater, a wedding or family function, or just for a break from routine, you can relax and have the peace of mind that your precious pet is being well taken care of by the dedicated staff of kennel professionals at Beverly’s Pet Campus.

Your pet can also enjoy the Fall weather. You can arrange for your dog to take a romp in our private, fully enclosed Bark Park. Or how about pampering your pet with a bath in our revolutionary Hydrosurge® Bathing System, which makes bathing faster and easier than ever before, while providing an invigorating massage that keeps them calm and relaxed throughout the bath.

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To reserve space for your pet’s weekend getaway, call us at 317-773-6550.